Top Dressing/Wetting Agents/Soil Amendments 

Premium Quality Organic Top soil 

• Quality Very Sandy Soil (70%)

• Composted Chicken Manure (10%)

• Hardwood Sawdust (20%)

Overturf/TopDress is nut grass free and do not contain human sewerage sludge.

Soil Wetting Agent

Soil Wetting Agents: are a non-ionic surfactant suitable for use in most situations where water repellency inhibits or prevents the growth of turfgrass, gardens and potted plants. Soil wetting agents are particularly beneficial in situations where dry application is required and where irrigation cannot be followed up immediately.

Crystalline Gypsum

Gypsum: improves the moisture permeability of surface crusting sodic soils. Depending on the situation, crystalline or granulated gypsum can be spread.

USGA  River Sands

(USGA) Grading Standards for use as rootzone underturf and top dressing on putting greens. The Standard requires the sand to have minimal fines content, uniform spreading with grading tolerance, excellent porosity, and consistent grading to ensure no twigs, shells or rocks are within the mix. It is also required to have a low EC or salt content.