We supply and spread materials such as over turf Premium organic soil, Fine river sands, lime, gypsum, and soil wetter to grassed areas using our purpose built spreader. We service both domestic and commercial customers and can spread product to new and established lawns, landscaping projects, pre and post laying turf, sports turf, and under row's of tree crops. We also supply and spread pelletised and granulated products specific to customer requirements. 

Top dressing your turf with a good premium quality organic sand/soil mix is the best way to improve the soil below , And for your grass's overall health, This sandy loam like substance is organic magic! It breathes new life into the soil and helps to:

  • improve resistance to disease
  • improve water retention
  • improve the structure of the soil
  • relieve compaction issues
  • help reduce thatch
  • build up levels of good bacteria
  • aid self-repairing capacity of the grass